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Floppy Emu Disk ][ Case – Option 1 basic


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Introducing the Floppy Emu ][ Kit: a sleek, 3D-printed case crafted specifically for BMOW’s Floppy Emulator. This innovative case is designed to echo the iconic faceplate of the Apple Disk ][ drive, seamlessly integrating with the original metal enclosure for a classic yet modern upgrade.

The new and improved design prioritizes ease of assembly, allowing users to effortlessly slot the emulator into place. Simply connect the necessary cables, and your setup is complete—ready to bring new life to your vintage computing experience.

With the Floppy Emu ][ Kit, upgrading your system is straightforward and stylish, ensuring your emulator not only works perfectly but also looks the part. Enjoy a blend of nostalgia and modern functionality with this essential accessory for your vintage Apple setup

Option 1:
Floppy Emu ][ front panel with hinge, buttons and light pipe. Bill of materials:

Green LCD Screen:

SD Cable:

Dupont Cable connector 10cm:

Apple logo sticker:

Floppy emulator:



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Dimensions7 × 5 × 4 in
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